Acanthus speaking at C5 CEE Private Equity Forum

C5’s Annual CEE Private Equity conference – London – 8 October 2015

Armando D’Amico, managing partner of Acanthus, chaired a LP Panel titled “CEE-Focused Fundraising” aimed at assessing the current situation on the global fundraising market and the implications for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Panellists were:

Jean-Philippe Burcklen, Deputy Director – Equity Fund Investments, European Investment Fund

Scott Penwell, Investment Manager, PPM Managers

Barış Gen, Regional LeadPrivate Equity Funds Europe, Middle East & North Africa, IFC (International Finance Corporation)

Anne Fossemalle, Head of Equity Funds Team, EBRD

Against the backdrop of a renewed fundraising momentum expected over the next three years, the panel discussion spanned relevant topics such as volume of fundraising, profiles of the LPs committing to the region, new fund launches and challenges for CEE-focused private equity, implications for fund size going forward and opportunities in the smaller fund sizes. The panellists concluded by providing useful insights on what do LPs need to see today to give them confidence to commit to the CEE managers.

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